Want a home renovations expert?

Looking for a home renovations expert? What should you look for?

So you have decided that your bathroom or living room need to be renovated, you have collected a list of possible renovators to call and now it is your job to figure out who are the good ones and the bad ones. The next tips will help you sort out the good from the bad.

Want a home renovations expert?

More than good looks

First thing to consider is the home renovator’s presentation. Seems easy enough, however, a renovations expert’s presentation is more than having an overall and carrying the tools around. In fact, a professional home renovation expert are more business-like than that. They should show up on time to appointments, show they are organized and capable of dealing with questions in a direct and professional manner. The way a contractor deals with you before signing a contract, says a lot about the way they will probably behave once the work starts. So, keep these details in mind when setting up meetings and interviews with them.

What you want

Despite the tools and gadgets, home renovation is really a people business. It is about knowing how to listen to clients’ ideas and expectations and turn them into a real work plan to ensure the best experience throughout the process. To do this, a working relationship must be established on good rapport and trust. If for any reason you feel that is hard to communicate with a home renovation professional, then, it is usually better to move on as communication issues will continue increasing.

Pros v. Cons

A home renovation professional should have a well established reputation. Most professional renovators will give you a list of references to call, however, if they don’t, ask for their references from previous customers and make sure to call them. Contractors and renovators work with a network of professionals and businesses, including material suppliers and other trades. Consider asking for references from any of these sources, professionals have a reputation within their industry too, not just with their clients.

It all about experience (and skills!)

Home renovation can at times be more difficult than building a new house from the ground up. Years of experience are required for some jobs and major renovations are better handled by people with as much experience as possible. Consider that a professional home renovation expert not only needs to know his trade, but also needs to be able to work with other trades, manage them, and being able to know exactly what is happening within many different jobs and types of work. This requires a lot of expertise that does not come from a couple of months of experience.

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