Bathroom renovation trends of 2014

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Recent survey results show interesting details about bathroom renovation trends for 2014. Questions were asked to people who are going through a bathroom reno or are planning to have their bathroom remodeled.

One constant trend is homeowners opting-out of tubs and going for larger showers with glass enclosures, as much light as possible and interested in energy-efficiency with luxury fixtures. Instead of choosing to increase the actual footage of the bathroom, most home owners (about 75%) are looking for ways to better use the existing space, keeping the area the same as before the renovation.

Among several other results, the surveys show the following trends:

  • 49% of homeowners do not intend to separate toilet from the rest of the bathroom.
  • Close to 46% of bathroom renovations will not include a new tub. Younger adults with children still consider tubs important and show the highest interest in them.
  • About 57% of those surveyed opted for double sinks in the master bathroom as opposed to only 36% before renovating. Home owners 43 years or older will most likely install double sinks compared to younger home owners.
  • Near to 80% of bathrooms will have glass shower enclosures with frameless glass as the most common option for master bathrooms. Shower curtains are a ‘no-go’ as these are only considered in less than 11% of renovations.
  • About 40% of respondents will add a lighted vanity and 15% added a skylight. Close to 9% are installing LED lights in the showerhead and about 44% are adding a window.
  • The majority (about 94% of respondents) will install high efficiency toilets and 44% of toilets are two-piece, however 41% of younger home owners go for a tankless or wall mounted options.

Most bathroom Home renovations in 2014 have followed these patterns and the most common reason for wanting to upgrade a bathroom continues to be a need to upgrade fixtures and features of the bathroom, closely followed by lifestyle changes (new babies, etc).