Basement Renovations: Transform Your “Lower Level”

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When thinking of the basement, most people think of it as a massive storage for things that don’t have a place in their homes. Dark and often times scary, this lower level of the house is a part in which you may not imagine spending more than 5 minutes at a time.

However, your basement does not need to be the darkest part of the house. It can be a great place to spend time with friends and your family.

Plan a basement renovation that turns your lower level into an additional and useful space in your home. Make this area a space to entertain guests, where the family actually enjoys spending time.

The following are some ways to transform your basement into the lower level of your dreams:

Turn it into a home gym

Staying fit is easier if your basement is your gym. Popular equipment choices include treadmills, weight benches, punching bags and exercise bikes. Set up a wall mounted TV from a corner and enjoy your favourite programming while exercising. It is easy to set up a space for yoga and pilates so that your gym can accommodate all work out needs.

Your basement as a game room

Basements are usually a large space, large enough to accommodate an excellent game room. Install that pool table you’ve always wanted, setup your at-home bar, get a foosball table or buy a poker table. Include a great sound system, your TV and entertainment systems with a nice set of couches and this can be the center of your social life. Bring friends for game night, or have parties, your imagination is the limit.

Your own theater

Because of the space, basements are a great place for that large screen TV you’ve always wanted. Bring in some very comfortable loveseats or sofas or even better, a set of recliners for the whole family. Set up a mini-fridge, and a sound system to match movie theaters. Family movie night will never be the same.

Whatever your choice, your basement doesn’t have to be that old, dark, dungeon-like place where things go to die. Do a basement renovation and turn it into a great extension of your home, make it usable and it can even be the place you love spending time the most.

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